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Newsgroups: fido7.humor.filtered
From: Dmitry Zavalishin <Dmitry.Zavalishin@f32.n5020.z2.fidonet.org>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 94 16:31:04 +0300
Subject: [NEWS] Microsoft announces ... part 2

 Hello All.

 I think, this message from area COMP.OS.OS2.ADVOCACY seems to be interesting:

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From : ac324@FreeNet.Carleton.CA, 2:5020/128 (25 Feb 94 03:10)
To   : All
Subj : Microsoft announces ... part 2
X-RealName: Simon Goland


   NEW YORK, Apr 1, Reuter - Microsoft's new Windows TP has a long
way to go before final release, say beta testers of the product.
Testers report numerous problems with the thought icons included
with the product.

   "I can see a fish tail representing some useful things, but the
Program Manager? It's just not intuitive," says Clyde Revlon, an MIS
specialist with McBalmy, Crain, and Larch. "Whoever came up with
these thought icons needs therapy. I'm sure the guy's Yorkshire
terrier is wonderful, but as the File Manager? A golden retriever I
could understand. And that sweater the terrier is wearing, it's just
too loud. Let me control the sweater."

   Testers also report dangerous corruption problems with the Direct
Neuron Access technology. "Colors, I smell colors. Dog, good dog, go
to the light mom," said Maggie Ferreaux, a consultant with Sharp,
Trenchant, and Blunt Computer Services.

   Other testers were less understanding. "I'm working on a
presentation, and suddenly all I can think about is pages A through C
of the Miami telephone directory. It took me three hours to get it
out of my mind. That blows my productivity right out of the water,"
says Max Pirenich, a salesman for Carp Technology. "Just thinking
about Excel scares the crap out of me."

   Microsoft officials acknowledged the issues, citing that no beta
release of a product is perfect, and vowed to provide testers with
the services of the same Neurologist that helped Microsoft Quality
Assurance recover from testing the product in its early stages. Many
Microsoft QA engineers are expected to lead long, productive lives.

Simon Goland                      Time is nature's way of preventing
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Team OS/2
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